Etterna on AUR ,

I was just curious as to who was maintaining this- is it someone around here?

the etterna and etterna-git aur pages or whatever you call them are both “maintained” by members of the community
the difference between them is kind of minor but at the end of the day they both pull straight from our github which means for the most part even if the version listed on them is old they should still work and be the latest build
the original one is the etterna-git aur

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noted, thank you ^^

Update: it is not pulling 0.69 and etterna-git is extremely out of date

i have been lied to

the upstream url is set to, maybe thats part of the problem?

whats a linux

idk. tropical fruit I think

and I bet you need to build a pina colada from source too

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Maintainer: Zachery Gyurkovitz

Where are you Zachery? :c Change that 8 to a 9 plz

Update, I have a package setup for 0.69.1, if the old maintainer doesn’t update his after a while, I’ll upload mine

Had to build it myself too, i flagged the package as out-of-date