Etterna Lore [FANFIC]

CHAPTER 1: The beckoning of Etterna

The story of Etterna starts on 1998, after the “Chicago Bulls” get an amazing run in the NBA Finals against “Utah Jazz” but this is not about the Chicago Bulls, this is about Etterna and its history.

o2 at the time, wasn’t born, BUT, he knew he was made for this game, that’s why when he got to 9 years old he started playing Etterna, but this was false! because etterna wasn’t even a game yet, so this doesn’t make sense.

let’s start from the beginning, Etterna was a game.

A game made for people that wanted to play Etterna and a fair 4 key game because at the time osu!mania And Stepmania 8.4 wasn’t cutting it.

So, In the sacred land of the yolomania skype chat a falling out happened between the two deities Wafles and Mina(ciousGrace) and they decided to make a new game, a game as said before called Etterna, at this time our two heroes were best friends but this wasn’t meant to be…

CHAPTER 2: The Problems that were met

At the beninging both players and Developers were making the game, but one of them standed out, that was Mina, he was capable of being everything a man would ever want, he was gorgeous, the best charter, better than ShadowSM, and most importantly, brave enough to be in africa.
Wafles on the other hand, didn’t like this, so he made yolomania 1, 2, 3 ,4 and the hidden 5 that only a select group of people have, Inside this secret group mina wasn’t on, and he didn’t like this, because in order to improve at the game, he would need yolomania 5, this is something he said on a stream called “Let’s playing Etterna: Playing Yolomania 5” expecting to cause a reaction on wafles and making him send the pack. Except it didn’t work…

CHAPTER 3: The jhlee0133 war

As you may or may not know, jhlee was and still is the ruler of this world. “jh” lee or going by his real name jhlee 0133 (john hana lee) was born in the district of Gangnam, he started playing the piano at half month old and years later he would become the legend Itself, known for getting the first 1500pp osu!mania play in Ascension to Heaven +DT with a 95.58% See here(, at the time his greatest rival and enemy was Jakads ALIAS 冰淇淋 but that doesnt matter, because jhlee destroyed him for the next 15 years.
So… how is jhlee related to Stepmania?? ask Etienne, he will know.
Jokes aside, jhlee didn’t like etterna a lot, like a whole lot, hehe you have no idea, he would have Beef with popular player and streamer Staiain and try provoke a fistfight with mina in africa. (there is a video of him saying it)


Real and true.

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name 1 4k player who has done more good for humanity than mina. you can’t

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Chapter 3 is out :exclamation::exclamation:

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Etterna gameplay: smashing keyboard to break core and hardcore techno
Etterna lore: