Etterna Charting Contest 2020 - Groups and Songs!

Thank you for all the applications, we’ve made the groups and chosen the songs!

I will list the songs and groups below, remember that I will DM all of you with a ZIP containing the song and SM file that has been synced (Feel free to tweak the sync if you think it’s wrong.)


  1. Windoze
  2. SuicidalNoob
  3. Tim
  4. AlexDest
  5. Caliber
  6. Wh1teh
  7. ositzxz369
  8. Choof
  9. Halogen
  10. snover
  11. CBR


  1. Gazelle
  2. SklitterBeer


  1. Lights
  2. Cheblan
  3. Capes
  4. Durvin
  5. chxu
  6. Sebaex
  7. Zeta64
  8. M0nkeyz
  9. SpaceGorilla
  10. Ska
  11. Whisy
  12. Paturages


  1. Bobini
  2. Kangalioo
  3. MOS420
  4. RamiWins
  5. AzreaL
  6. Dihydrogen
  7. DjBoZa
  8. arpia97
  9. ulti
  10. 8230
  11. Lightning
  12. teradora

Good Luck, you have 2 weeks to finish your submission! DM YOUR SUBMISSION TO ME ON THE FORUMS WHEN YOU’RE DONE!!! :blush:

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Oof, this is definitely not something I would normally step. GL everybody!

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Really excited to see the results for 1, song’s a banger with a lot of interesting stuff to play with and some stiff competition
Charters for 2 have some scintill study to do for sure
Gonna be interesting to see how people layer 3/4, not much variance but a lot of ways to interpret

Dour v Lofty POG

This song is a fucking BANGER, yo

goddamn <3

martzi* rop is an idiot

its me azreal the most realest of them all

I actually like the chill ethereal vibe for song 2. I have been unleashed from the depths of sick hell so prepare to be beaten y’all

BIRDO II is such a layered motherfucker, holy crap. It’s the worst song of them all I could’ve got.

I would trade you for my song any day of the week. I think there is very little you can do with song 3

Your song has enough stuff for my charting style. Song 2 is pretty difficult to layer properly because it contains many equally important details going on at the same time. Song 4 would be fun to dump. Song 1 is in general very interesting.

Enjoyed this a lot. Pumped for this. Thanks for hosting.

Personally, I like song 3. Im really interested to see how other versions differ from mine

dropping out, I do love iglooghost but I just can’t come up with a chart for this that I enjoy and there’s not really a point in trying to force it

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RIP Group 2


tf happened to song 2

y’all already KNOW what’s boutta happen


did the coronavirus wipe out all your competition?


Had To Stop At My Biggest Hater Funeral Today - Just To Make Sure He Dead #RipLofty #DieHatersDie

Hey Guys If I Type Like This It Looks Really Cool Hey Check It Out Guys It’s Like The Title To A YouTube Video!

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