Etterna Charting Competition 2021 Part 1 - Results

The numbers are in, well done to all participants and especially the winners.

Here are the results.

Tech Group 1
1st - Windoze
2nd - M0nkeyz
3rd - CBR

Tech Group 2
1st - Ulti
2nd - Nixo
3rd - Azrael

Tech Group 3
1st - Truemaestro
2nd - Durvin
3rd - aDavid4

Tech Group 4
1st - Mikatheidiot
2nd - DJSlapnuts
3rd - Genesis

Dump Group 1
1st - Temma
2nd - Leo137

Dump Group 2
1st - XingRen
2nd - TheROPFather
3rd - Kangalioo

Dump Group 3
1st - MOS420
2nd - Lights
3rd - StarrySergal

Thanks again for all participating, the next contest will happen sometime in the second half of this year and will have a slight twist to it :slight_smile: I look forward to organizing it all for you guys again.


gg leo, its a shame no one else subbed

GGs to Truemaestro for getting 80%, by far and large the most popular of the three

Also GGs to ropfather for picking a cool song for my group :slight_smile:

gg friends. i had a lot of fun charting for dump group 3- definitely outside of my comfort zone in terms of song choice ^^ cant wait for next time

GG group 4, maybe next time I won’t get sick and I’ll be able to produce a higher quality chart. I also hated the repetitiveness of this song and hope for a better pick next time. A big thank you to everyone who posted feedback!!

thanks for playing everyone

Congrats to everyone who charted in group 4, I disliked the song too much to chart it at all.

Let’s fucking GOOOOOOO
Thank you to everyone I’m so happy about this
Also have a look at twitch chat reacting to my file during the showcase, this image still slays me

gg everyone

i immediately felt bad after calling it stupid without playing it myself first :d

ggs yall 10 characters

It’s ok ilu bby