Etterna Charting Competition 2021 - First Contest

It’s around that time, the charting contests in the past have been very well received and fun for all involved. Last year we ran two charting contests, and I think that is a good amount so I will be keeping the contest bi-annual.

There will be a slight change for this first contest, just to see how it goes. A lot of users complained that they could only step a file technically and there was no room for dumping, I personally disagree with this sentiment but in an attempt to pacify any issues this year you will be able to specify whether you would like to be in a dump group or tech group.

If you are interested in participating please enter below, registration will end in one week 13/02/2021 00:00.

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


in 10chars

edit: the coin flip has decided tech

You guys need to specify dump or tech.

Yes me too :)


techy tech

im in for the dumps baybeeee woooooo

Tech please!

put me in 4 tech pls

tech 10cha

Oh god here I go again
Throw me in tech, boss

insert me in this competition
tech gang baybeee

I’m in for tech

tech please

tech thank you very much rop sama

in tech

:hushed: :mask: :stuck_out_tongue:


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Sounds fun! I’m in (tech)

I think I’ll give dumping a go, enter me there please!

dumpo fdsafdsafdsafdsa

tech gang yessir

partecipating for dumps