Etterna Charting Competition 2021 - First Contest - Groups and Songs

Thank you for all the applications, we’ve made the groups and chosen the songs!

I will list the songs and groups below, remember that I will DM all of you with a ZIP containing the song and SM file that has been synced (Feel free to tweak the sync if you think it’s wrong.)

  • Do NOT change any metadata
  • Do NOT add any graphics
  • Do NOT add any identifiable information

  • DO send back a ZIP on the forum DM’s containing the music file and .sm file, the zip should be named like this
  • DO use the already provided chart difficulty and credit
  • DO DM me if you have any questions or are unsure about anything

Without further ado, here are the groups :slight_smile:


Group 1

  • Windoze
  • Zeta64
  • Kraezymann
  • Lemonguy
  • Caliber
  • MOnkeyz
  • CBR

Group 2

  • Poco
  • Nixo
  • ositz
  • Kaho
  • DeltaEpsilon
  • Ulti
  • Azrael

Group 3

  • Durvin
  • Capes
  • tsykui2kocchi
  • aDavid4
  • Bobini
  • Yutsi
  • TruMaestro

Group 4

  • DJslapnuts
  • GokouRuri
  • Nexus8
  • Baemx
  • Genesis
  • MikaTheIdiot
  • BrodyEtterna


Group 1

  • Sheenoboo
  • Dourgent
  • Temma
  • Choof
  • Leo137

Group 2

  • XingRen
  • Sklitter
  • Kangalioo
  • RiceToast
  • TheROPFather

Group 3

  • LilacReprise
  • Lights
  • StarrySergal
  • SecondOverThree
  • MOS420

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


fuckin animusic, good shit

Now that’s a cool song omg

lets fucking go.

dump group 1 :heart_eyes:

oh no im in with the big boys, you guys overestimate my skill

i’m retard don’t worry i can’t step this

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Children of Bodom??? Nice, I’m gonna end up butchering this though :sweat_smile:

I’m going to make a draft while I wait for my zip to be given to me.

Files will arrive tomorrow for you all to work on

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