Etterna Best Game Thread

Hey what’s up /b/, I wanted to talk about how cool this wacky new rhythm game is! It’s called Quaver and the neat-O devs are so nice and helpful!!! I heard big boy swan say it’s all made from scratch!!! They said they’re not trying to compare it to other rhythm games, even though it’s “the most competitive rhythm game!!” Wow!!! Isn’t that neat-O!!! It’s really close to Osu mania! My other favorite rhythm game, just with more M A P S and you can even change the speed of them! How cool is that!!! These guys told me that those games are bad, and that I should play some game called etterna, but the UI is so yucky and it looks like it was made in 2001 so that’s a big no-no for me. Thankfully, I have Quaver and Osu Mania to go by my side along with my sweet sweet anime jumptrills!!! Also, when I was telling other people about my experience with the etterna community they just told me to call them toxic and elitists! isn’t that a neat-O solution to the problem! I’ll really enjoy playing this brand new Quaver game and use it to get good at Osu! Mania!!!

Quaver is better than Etterna, no doubt. There is no need to discuss something so obvious, so I’m locking this thread.


ill make a map to ur ASS and rip it open cuz of this epic opinion