Etterna Additional Keymode Support

Rop wanted me to create a poll and I’m typing this on my phone so it’s wack.

Etterna in it’s current state only really has proper implementation for 4k. Other keymodes in their current state are lacking much love due to the lack of integration with Etterna and in return are rarely played and lack content.

We want to see how many of you would be keen on playing other keymodes to make this a reality for Etterna. Currently if the Etterna dev team were to rate other keymodes similar to 4k it would be a step in the right direction towards eventually ranking other keymodes. I would like to see seperate leaderboards for additional keymodes (example 6/7/7+1) following ranking support.

Obviously all this effort for multiple keymodes would not be great if one is played far more than the other. What keymodes would you like to see have proper integration and ranking?

  • 6k
  • 7k
  • 7+1k

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What features would you like to see in ranked play?

  • Leave long notes as they are
  • Inability to regrab long notes
  • Long note release timing

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If these additional keymodes become relevant there will end up being content to play, this is a community driven game.

holds should be left as is to ensure 100% compatibility with past content.


For 6k - yes. But there is no past content for 7k so we can consider changing mechanics for it.

needs diff calc

Hey I just had an idea. What if instead of having different rulesets across other game modes, or literally making every score ever set obsolete, we simply add a way for the step author to determine whether or not they want “strict holds” for their file instead of the base ones?

This could be achieved ideally through a very easy conditional in the .sm file that the game would look for, and if it’s detected, would simply treat all holds differently for that file in particular. Imagine you could have your file, and then before releasing it add in a line like: #STRICTHOLDS:ON;and be done with it.

Strict holds in this case would be:

  • No re-grabbing
  • Release time (1:1 with current judge)
  • Alive time on lift based on judge (some lift time is obviously required to allow for notes after holds and for release timing itself to work).

This would allow for consistency across all key-modes, but also allow charters to force players to use strict holds found in other games if they so desire (e.g. create a more typical 7k experience). If this were done, we could also ditch the janky osu lift feature since it doesn’t exactly fufill the requirements of strict holds (and creates strange scenarios where you can “release” a dead hold).

Also, while we are on the topic of very far away and very low priority things, can we please add a release timing / lift offset? Hardware is not all equal, I’d like to be able to hit marvs when I exactly release with tapping a note right at the end of a hold, but it doesn’t work out that way for me.


LN release timing isn’t going to make non existent content scores obsolete. Most of the content will come from games where LN release timing is a mechanic, I do like your idea though, foxfire.

What if we just got rid of LNs?
Think about it.

Nani the nani

If we ever get around to making .ett into a full external noteloader type and compatible with something like arrowvortex or ddream then adding something like a chart-specific toggle would be fine.

This is similar to the unique features .ssc has. But the problem with changing these things is that existing files have to all default to off and I have significant doubts that anything would use it given the fact that nearly nobody ever seems to care about new features.

Having the entire game act the exact same across all keymodes is the ideal future I’m looking to aim for. And then from there you can change your settings to however you like. And be aware that for the forseeable future, scores without our “typical default 4k settings” won’t be valid. It’s a lot to think about implementationwise. Adding toggles or features for the things mentioned here is completely possible and something I would like to do very soon. It’s up to the site to show non 4k scores, and it’s up to the client to have a calculator for these scores. (The site can have, and actually does have, its own independent calculator but that would require extra effort)

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This is why I mentioned just having a line you could add to a file. Surely the game could simply treat a line not being present as the default of off (i.e. not changing any past files at all). The reason why I suggested this in the first place poco was so that it could be done in a text editor, and wouldn’t rely on editing external software (e.g. DDReam, Arrow Vortex) to accomplish. You’d just make the exact same file, but manually add that yourself in about 2 seconds with a text editor. If it’s there, it’s on, if it isn’t, it’s off.

Also, on the concept of “no one will use the features”, this is exactly why I specified that it would be at the step author’s discretion, and that it should change the chart key. In this manner, it would force players to use the setting in game, since it wouldn’t be some needless handicap offshoot setting in the debug menu. While I imagine that 4k files using the feature will be small, our non existent 5k+ files may see usage of the feature due to familiarity from past games like O!M and O2Jam. There is a pre established meta which people have a desire to translate over to Etterna, and if we give them the tools to do so, they would use them.

It’d sort of be like mines are now, where we force players to play with them if they are added. There has been an uptick in patterning involving holds, rolls, and mines for purposes of challenge and expression. Taking this with a large number of convert players we have, along with a completely non start meta we currently occupy for anything outside of 4k, and I think people would hit the ground running with the feature. I bet the first things that would happen are full converts all with strict holds, and ranked to EO for leader-boards. Once you get those wheels spinning, it’s hard to slow them down.