Etterna 0.72.3 Released

Link to the release page: Release Etterna 0.72.3 - Hotfix · etternagame/etterna · GitHub

[0.72.3] - 2023-03-21

As always, back up your Save. That includes any personal modifications to the Assets folder, Noteskins folder, and the entire Save folder. These folders are usually found in the folder your game is installed.


  • General
    • Added FrameLimit and FrameLimitGameplay to Graphics Options in the main menu Options
  • Rebirth
    • Added FrameLimit and FrameLimitGameplay to the Settings menu under GraphicsGlobal Options 2
    • Split Global Options into Global Options 1 and Global Options 2 because I’m running out of room


  • General
    • NoteskinPreview crashing the game, caused by a Noteskin failing to load due to cmd() or other problems
    • Replays crashing when going wrong and sending impossible judgments to the engine
    • Replays getting horrible judgments, caused by “lift” actions in replays supported by InputData
    • Replays getting temporarily misaligned judgments, caused by hitting mines
  • Rebirth
    • Lua error causing missing E logo in the help screen
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