Etterna 0.71 / Rebirth random notes and thoughts and stuff

I was taking some notes based on my first impressions mostly on the theme but also some surface level observations on functionality and calc stuff too, was gonna make a better thread but got lazy so I’m just copying the notes from discord

those are my settings, low resolution so keep that in mind also if my settings are otherwise awful and bad please tell me.

General stuff / main menu

not gaming, dead space, can’t see shit. Classic options menu is also fucked

this gradient looks ugly, but I also hate purple so idk. Being next to flat grey probably makes it more noticeable.
sounds are goofy.
I like the purple corner for the selected item
I guess the profile box could be scaled up a bit. Compared to the text on the left it looks so tiny

Song select

why does this differ from main menu? What do you mean millions of arrows mashed, Where’s my big number? Main menu doesn’t show online rating, technical limitation or?

Help menu looks awesome
Settings and color config in song select, awesome
Downloads tab awesome

visualizer ugly alignment

image image
artefacts around some texts and cdtitles

I think long texts should be truncated, even tho it might ruin some memes

bad placement for favs, mirror etc, can get lost with busy looking banners

artist and song title on the same line, not epic

(calc) super long meme anchors still king of tech

(calc)boulafacet is still a thing somehow, at least hhhhhhhhhh doesn’t give free 35s anymore. Snoop’s dreamland makes a comeback :eyes:

oh my god make it taller, disable banner or something

like??? and you could stack the texts some
also I would much rather keep skillset info than see how many notes a chart has

this animation at the top looks sorta weird maybe because there’s no such thing for the bottom of the wheel (which there probably should be, you can reach the end of the wheel if you scroll with mouse fast enough)

For all of these tabs besides ‘General’ I would much prefer if the banner went away and I got to see more info

I wish these fonts weren’t so low res still

so no anti-favorite function? cringe (ye xd)


there’s so much room for a pause/play button here, just something that would feel pretty nice even tho no one really needs it if they know about the shortcut.
tho it could free up the rightclick for other functionality in the future.

I really like how there aren’t like 10 tabs at the bottom anymore

clicking here should maybe take you to the score?

  • The only gameplay settings that carried over for me were cmod and reverse for some reason. Even mini got reset, SAD!

  • When you rename profile and click exit, the music doesn’t continue and rightclicking does nothing. Audio visualizer also got fucked.

reducing goal % by rightclicking no longer pauses the music, very good.

Customize gameplay gets disabled when you exit the song, very good.

-Adjusting errorbar width in customize gameplay takes fucking forever

Eval screen

yeet pack name to the top, next to 4K results or something .
make artist font size smaller and give it more room horizontally .
make font for rate bigger, or emphasize it with placement more somehow, tho if you move the pack name somewhere else it might out stand out more already.

being able to see the leaderboard on eval is epic, being able to go to other scores eval is epic

I wish these didn’t use primary text color

overall just need to get used to a completely new layout.

Well that was all I noticed in like 1.5 hours, didn’t play much yet cus burnt as hell and also left thumb is hurting big pain. See ya!

Overall this theme
unfriendly towards low reso,
slower than til death,
screen even busier than til death,
looks shiny because it’s new,
a lot of things are less annoying,
you don’t have to leave song select as much.

forgot to say but the songwheel scrolling sound is nice.

the theme was designed for 16:9 1080p use
old crusty ass options screens are fixed in next update
if you dont like the title gradient get over it
cant put online rating on the title screen because that info is locked behind logging in as that player first
reading 42342342389 for your arrows smashed is normally unreadable noise and you can get the full number if you hover your mouse over it
the visualizer banner alignment is the shittiest nitpick
artifacting on loaded images has been a thing since 0.64, congrats on noticing it now
where do i put the favorite and permamirror icons?
would rather squish than truncate
dont care about calc
low res fonts?
anti favorite?
there is not room for a play/pause button on alternate aspect ratios
til death settings do not automatically convert if you dont load them yourself. read the release notes


would like to mention some things you point out were things that i agreed with that may have been shot down by others designing the theme because they dont like what i put in the game

  1. I mean fair enough it’s your theme, but I would wager that most players play this game windowed.
  2. :+1:
  3. whatever
  4. okay
  5. I knew you could do that, was meant as more of a fluff criticism. Still it’s inconsistent between main menu and song select
  6. We are talking about visual integrity here, of course it’s gonna be nitpicky like what
  7. It’s more noticeable so thanks I guess, and also loaded images? But it also appears above text?
  8. Same as in til death would be cool. Could maybe even make room for them next to/above/below grade and make them smaller, I just want to be able to easily spot them.
  9. Score tab, the grade font looks blurry
  10. It’s like favoriting but for files that you don’t want to play, displays the poop emoji. Honestly one of the most important updates you could’ve done
  11. 3:4 seems to be the lowest that you can go via settings and there looks to be room if you make the audio visualizer thinner + everything looks to be squished anyways so :man_shrugging:
  12. All right my bad

Good that it’s out now so other people can give their opinion.