Etterna 0.71.2 Released

Link to the release page: Release Etterna 0.71.2 - Hotfix · etternagame/etterna · GitHub

[0.71.2] - 2022-03-14

As always, back up your Save. That includes any personal modifications to the Assets folder, Noteskins folder, and the entire Save folder.

MacOS Note

OpenSSL is required. It can be installed with Homebrew:
NOTE: If you don’t have Homebrew installed already, follow the instructions from the Homebrew website.

brew install openssl

Highly recommend that you check the release notes for 0.71.0 and 0.71.1 if you want the full story of changes, if you haven’t updated for a while. This release is for some changes on top of that.


  • Major Change
    • The late window for all judges is now normalized to 180ms.
      • Previously, late notes were forcibly turned into misses based on the very old max judge window sizes. This meant that on Judge 9, 36ms late gives a miss instead of a bad all the way to 180ms. This was not intended to be left like this. The result should be minimal, but I’m interested in seeing the effect it has on gameplay at a very high end. The following numbers are the former late window sizes (now replaced by 180ms)
      • Judge 4 - 180ms
      • Judge 5 - 151.2ms
      • Judge 6 - 118.8ms
      • Judge 7 - 90ms
      • Judge 8 - 59.4ms
      • Judge 9 - 36ms
  • General
    • Added preference AllowStartToGiveUp to toggle the “Hold Start to Give Up” feature in Gameplay
    • Added hold explosions to SubtractByZero to match the rest of the DBZ family
    • Practice Mode no longer allows you to access the Evaluation Screen - holding Enter no longer does anything
  • Rebirth
    • Chart preview related changes to its position and added the ability to still be able to click song banners to toggle it even when the banner is invisible
    • Customize Gameplay has access to Judgment Counter Spacing and Size
    • Error Bar count setting cap raised to 200
    • Help menu refers to graces as flams a little more visibly
    • Tournament Sortmode added to allow sorting songs within groups by their [x-x] prefix


  • Rebirth
    • Artist sortmode sorted alphabetically instead of by artist
    • Banners were not aspect ratio 3.2 on most game aspect ratios
    • Clicking really fast on the TitleMenu caused crashes
    • Discord Rich Presence was not functioning correctly and now it does
    • Gameplay Leaderboard being enabled for unranked charts caused no elements to load at all
    • nowplaying.txt was not correctly clearing and now it does
    • Tag filtering was too harsh and too nice depending on the context
      • Tagging one chart of a multi diff file then filtering it made either all or none of the charts appear
    • Settings no longer overwrites your custom aspect ratio
    • Song Search did not allow funny capitalization on metadata field searches
  • ’Til Death
    • Player Options’ XMod Scroll Speed display did not scale according to rates but does now
  • General
    • Default Beat noteskin was misaligned a bit
    • Input Debounce Preference was completely nonfunctional in Gameplay and is now fixed
    • MacOS <= 10.13 once could not open the game but should be able to now


  • Actors have more access to GetTrueXYZ and GetTrueRotationXYZ
  • rootfs was once mounted and is no longer
  • Rebirth’s changeMusicRate function was changed a bit to allow easier changing of the increment size
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