Etterna 0.71.1 Released

[0.71.1] - 2021-12-12

As always, back up your Save. That includes any personal modifications to the Assets folder, Noteskins folder, and the entire Save folder.

MacOS Note

OpenSSL is required. It can be installed with Homebrew:
NOTE: If you don’t have Homebrew installed already, follow the instructions from the Homebrew website.

brew install openssl

Highly recommend that you check the release notes for 0.71.0 if you want the full story of changes, if you haven’t updated for a while. This release is for some changes on top of that.


  • Rebirth
    • Added separate color config options for Gameplay Text and Gameplay Background (check the gameplay section)
    • Added separate color config options for the text that goes on the Judgment bars (check the judgment section)
    • Added a way to stop the background from being the average color of the banner, if the background is missing
      • Added an option to Settings → Graphics → Theme Options called “BG Fallback to Banner Color”
      • If this option is turned off, it follows a new color config option called SelectMusicBackground to the main section
    • Added Measure Lines toggle option to settings
    • All legacy options screens should now scale in a way that is similar to older themes
    • Input is now locked completely when successfully entering a song
    • Customize Gameplay increments for Error Bar resizing increased to a more sane level
    • Mirror is moved from Appearance Options to Essential Options
    • Moved the permamirror and favorite icons off of wheel banners
    • Critical text in Evaluation is now very slightly bigger for general visibility reasons, mostly thumbnails


  • Rebirth
    • Customize Gameplay had an issue where dragging the notefield with your mouse while using reverse made it save in the opposite direction
    • Custom resolutions used to be overridden if you even touched the settings window
    • Ghost difficulty cursor is now tangible
    • Scores tab local Grades are now also high resolution
    • Rates leaked out of Select Music into GameplaySyncMachine
  • ’Til Death
    • Scores Tab chart leaderboard had phantom scores when doing pretty much anything, if the leaderboard had less than 10 or 13 scores
    • Scores Tab unintentionally switched the nested tab between local and online when doing anything
    • Scores Tab caused the difficulty display to disappear forever
    • Tags Tab mouse hover logic was broken
  • General
    • Lua errors on the default pump skin are gone
    • Multiple instance detection on Windows was stopping many from opening the game from the shortcut in the game folder, because of the folder name
    • Replay snapshots did not consider beat gamemode related transforms


  • Added util for easier conversion between the old 480 theme height and new ones
  • Removed some random /Scripts/ file
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