Etterna 0.69.1 Released

[0.69.1] - 2020-05-22

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (this changelog is a lot different from the release notes so probably don’t click on it)


As a tip to reduce issues with new versions, do not modify or replace the Themes folder unless you know what you are doing. If you want to make modifications to Til Death, make your own separate copy of it so that you stop having issues. Stop modifying the fallback folder.

As always, back up the other stuff you don’t want to lose.


  • AAA was moved
    • Below are the current high accuracy grades to remind you of grade changes between older versions and this one
    • AAAAA is 99.996
    • AAAA: is 99.980
    • AAAA. is 99.970
    • AAAA is 99.955
    • AAA moved from 99.75 to 99.70
      • This matches the Wife2 AAA threshold more but still not exactly. We want to encourage accuracy rather than dropping strategic misses for hitting particularly hard patterns, so this can’t be pushed much further
  • Solo now has a capped SSR at 96.5%
  • Score Upload Improvements
    • Autosync should work and won’t try Fails
    • Autosync will ignore CCOn scores (pre 0.54 scores basically)
    • Manual upload will upload MA scores successfully
      • don’t worry if you have no idea what this means
    • Scores are flagged as uploaded on successful contact with the server even if the chart is unranked
      • This means you have to manually upload them later
        • and you do that using the buttons in the Score tab
    • Your progress on manual or automatic score uploads will not save until your Profile is saved
      • Trigger a save on SelectMusic with CTRL + S
      • Trigger a save by setting a new score
  • Wife3 Rescoring Improvements
    • Should be faster
    • Scores with less than 200 notes will rescore
    • Fails will rescore
  • Chart Leaderboard WifePercents will be properly floored like Evaluation
  • Evaluation will show that your score was set outside of Dance if that is true
  • Minanyms


  • Chart Leaderboards containing 2 scores with Replays from the same person will no longer fail to provide the Replaydata if selecting both scores before refreshing the leaderboard
    • This means all Replays should now work, tell us if any don’t
  • Fixed Lua error caused by turning off Combo
  • Login failures due to parse errors will allow reattempts
  • Replays put in the wrong folder (v1 in v2 and v2 in v1) will either load them properly or crash with a more informative message
  • Replays with garbage data in them, for example the Spanish language strings for Borderlands 2, will no longer crash the game violently and will nicely alert you to their presence in the logs
  • Scores will no longer very rarely become CCOn out of nowhere
  • Solo files with like not enough notes in a short amount of time (files with “1 interval”) don’t crash
  • Uploading non-PBs on the same rate as previous PBs should no longer overwrite them all the time, but will only work if you have the Replay of the PB

Known Issues

  • MusicWheel grades don’t update immediately when Wife3 rescoring takes place. Save your profile and restart the game to fix this
  • Exiting SelectMusic hides the score upload progress bar and it does not reappear until further progress is made

Developer Updates

  • C++17
  • Coverity
  • Minacalc got more updates and it’s looking good, but is not ready for this release
    • For developers, there are now defines that can be changed in order to switch which calc to use internally

Where is the download for this version? The links on the website are still for 0.68.1