Etterna 0.69.0 Released

[0.69.0] - 2020-05-15

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (this changelog is a lot different from the release notes so probably don’t click on it)


As a tip to reduce issues with new versions, do not modify or replace the Themes folder unless you know what you are doing.

As always, back up the other stuff you don’t want to lose.


  • Scoring System Updated to Wife v3
    • Bad accuracy is punished more in general
    • Misses are punished “relatively less” if you drop a few misses on very high accuracy plays you will see 1%+ gains compared to wife2
    • Scores with Replays rescore to the new system automatically
      • These scores may also autosync to the site, or you will have to manually start that process (see below)
      • Hope you didn’t delete your replays
    • WifeV3 will be the site standard, and WifeV2 scores will be invalidated eventually like CCOn scores, but there will be a grace period for people to gradually shift over
    • Due to issues with certain setups not being able to use 0.68.1 on 64bit and because I don’t like forcing people to update to avoid getting scores invalidated, the plan is to re-release a couple older versions with only the wife3 changes. 0.66.1 and 0.60.1 are the likely candidates and will be available probably by the end of next week.
  • Solo QoL Improvements
    • It is separated into its own Game
      • Find it in Options -> Select Game
      • This means it has its own Key Config and Player Options
    • Difficulty Calculator added
      • Scores will have SSRs locally as expected instead of appearing as 00.00
      • Scores will NOT count toward your player rating
      • Scores will upload to the site and be visible automatically (this may be scuffed)
  • Improved Score Uploading
    • Bulk uploads have a progress bar
    • Auto sync won’t resync scores that have just changed due to client calc versions, the site runs its own calc so this is not necessary
    • Auto sync will no longer upload scores without replaydata
    • Added/Fixed a bunch of manual upload buttons
      • You can find them all on the Score tab
      • They will be the only way to upload scores without replay data from within the client
      • Please for the love of god don’t abuse these
      • Upload replay for a single score
      • Upload all scores for chart
      • Upload all scores for pack
      • Upload all scores overall (this is slow if you have a large profile, we are looking into batch uploads client side)
      • If you notice issues or inconsistencies with the upload behavior let us know
  • Judge 1-3 = Judge 4
    • That means what you think it means
    • Judges 1 through 3 all act as Judge 4, effectively removing them from the game
  • Grades Slightly Adjusted
    • This was done due to keep grade benchmarks for accuracy between Wife2 and Wife3 roughly similar
    • AAAAA moved from 99.999 to 99.996
    • AAAA: moved from 99.990 to 99.980
    • AAAA. moved from 99.985 to 99.970
    • AAAA moved from 99.970 to 99.955
  • Minanyms


  • Custom Timing Windows are removed, at least visually
    • They were making it difficult to maintain Evaluation and Offsetplot
    • If you want it back so bad, just let us know and maybe it will come back (the backend is still there)
  • Miscellaneous unused or outdated functions that aren’t relevant enough to explain


  • Songs may still rarely end early somehow, but the scores that come from them will be properly scored
    • Existing scores that were affected by this will also be properly scored
  • NegBPM/Warp charts now have proper ratings on song select, but still won’t give SSR’s
  • Files with Fake Regions (not Fake TapNotes)
    • This changed the Chartkey for the those, so existing scores on them will be de factor wiped
  • NoteField Filter and CBHighlights got moved to the NoteField Board
    • This fixes issues where changing a perspective mod breaks the orientation of those features in strange ways
  • MMod was broken and might not be, but probably still is
  • MacOS Catalina should work now
  • Evaluation Scoreboard should no longer explode when between 2 and 5 scores are in the list
  • Fixed crash in Advanced Options
  • Fixed metrics errors in Input Options
  • Skillsets should properly show up in the General tab

Developer Updates

  • Headless startup is officially a thing but in order to access it you have to launch the game from a terminal with an option, and the only purpose of it is for cache stuff so you don’t need to care
  • MinaCalc had a bunch of changes but I’m not gonna tell you what they were
    • it’s open sourced now so go take a peek
    • also the previous release’s version is there so the output of this client should still be the same
    • debug output from the calc comes from the new version, not the old
  • Other tiny secret things that really don’t matter, just for versioning or debugging
  • Timing Window TimingScales array is available to Lua as a table to keep things consistent if needed
  • CURL was updated to 7.69.1 (haha)
  • Removed libuv and for_mingw because they are unused

Dang, this game seems to get better and better with every update. Besides the scoring system change, the part about solo getting its own difficulty calculator is really interesting. Does that mean we can except further developments into other keymodes? I’d really love if 7key had a diff calculator. I’d finally be able to completely switch from osu to Etterna. Anyway, thanks for the update, I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

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Everything is possible when the entire future is ahead.

are scores with full replay data on the site going to be converted at some point, or will we have to reup all replay data once v2 is invalidated

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That’s ideal since the site has replay data for a lot of people who decided to just not save their own replay data and it lays as the only remaining backup for it. But it’s not a simple task, so the best you can do is just not delete your profiles at the moment as we look for a good way to either retrieve the replays or update the scores for those situations.

I’m sorry if I don’t get this right, so I just need to wait for my scores to get recalculated?

Open the game and continue like normal. As long as you properly keep your Replays folder(s) within your Save folder intact all of the scores contained should be updated. They may be autosynced at that point. If not, you can do it manually with buttons ingame on the Score tab. Relying on the site to do it for you is not a good idea, but may eventually happen anyways.

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I see, thanks!