Etterna 0.68.1 Released

[0.68.1] - 2020-02-20

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (for people who want to see every little detail, otherwise continue reading)


As a tip to reduce issues with new versions, do not modify or replace the Themes folder unless you know what you are doing.

As always, back up the other stuff you don’t want to lose.


  • Offline Evaluation Scoreboard now has pagination
    • Hover and scroll with mouse
    • Use MenuLeft or MenuRight
    • Score number 1 always stays on top
  • Offline Evaluation Scoreboard specifies that percentages are Wife J4 when using SSRNorm because they are
    • This is to help make more sense of the listing because the Judgments may not match at all in this situation


  • Broken scorelist sorting when using SSRNorm (out of order scores in the Scores tab)
  • Everything on Evaluation except the WifePercent was wrong when using SSRNorm but now it should be good
    • Offset plot
    • CBs per hand
    • Judgments
    • Judgment Percents
    • ReplaySnapshots
    • ComboGraph
    • LifeGraph
  • GameplaySyncMachine will no longer show CustomizeGameplay if it happens to be on
  • Grades show wrong for all languages besides English
  • Help Overlay should no longer be covered by the session timer and system clock
  • Replay Modifiers didn’t show up correctly and just showed your own mods instead
  • Top Score shown on General tab did not match the real Top Score when using SSRNorm

Developer Updates

  • Evaluation Lua has access to the Replay Modifier String
  • GraphicsWindow Display Specifications validations were uncommented because I thought the performance issues were bad but it turns out that’s just because we run the game on Debug 24/7 and don’t think to see how the game works in Release mode
  • PlayerStageStats had an unused function that didn’t work but now it does
  • Removed dead P2 and Til Death Eval Graphics
  • Win32 has access to the ability to move the game screen arbitrarily from Lua, but this only works if the game is windowed