Etterna 0.68.0 Released

[0.68.0] - 2020-02-17

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (for people who want to see every little detail, otherwise continue reading)


This update modifies the Assets Folder. If there are issues with your Judgments in this update, this may be the reason why. Carefully merge your previous version with this one.

As always, back up the stuff you don’t want to lose.


  • Color Edit Screen has been rewritten
    • Use the mouse to pick a Color
    • Type the Hex for the Color
    • Read the instructions on the screen
  • Default Judgment Textures updated to be higher resolution
  • Display Options Updated
    • Borderless Window/Fullscreen added
      • Enabled by changing to Borderless mode and selecting Fullscreen
      • If using a non-fullscreen resolution, this causes a smaller borderless window to be present rather than fitting to the full screen
    • Display Sizes and Refresh Rates update dynamically depending on other choice selections
  • Mid-Grades have been added at intermediate tiers of A, AA, and AAA
    • The preference for this defaults to off and can be found in Display Options -> UI Options
    • This change forced us to reset all of your color configs, but only for the Grade category
  • SSRNormPercent prioritization added as a Preference
    • Defaults to off and can be found in Advanced Options
    • If turned on, causes all scores to be displayed as their Judge 4 equivalent no matter the Judge used
      • Does not affect actual Gameplay
      • Evaluation will begin on J4 rather than your current Judge if turned on as well
  • Wife Quints (AAAAA) have been added at 99.999%
    • Default color is white


  • Fallback Theme has some Lua problems that have been sorted out so less modifications have to be done
    • Judgments had a debug output present
    • Judgments had a bunch of dead metric calls
    • ScreenSystemLayer aux doesn’t exist and was called
  • Icons in Select Screens never got GainFocus which usually broke them
  • Pack Downloader main download links were always the mirror link for some reason
  • Playlist Creation Overlay caused the music to stop playing
  • Stack overflow crashes when logging giant strings (or really doing anything with a huge string and formatting)

Developer Updates

  • Crashes due to C exceptions should give better reasons hopefully
  • Replaced DisplayResolutions with DisplaySpec
  • Resolved like 200 or so coverity defects
  • Updated libtomcrypt to 1.18.2
  • X11 stuff

Good shit poco

AAAAAs huh? nice to see theres a shiny new tier of scores ill never get. coolio

No one has. The Quint is a meme grade, however it makes me want to try. Someday, somehow. The world will see a 200+ note Quint.