Etterna 0.67.1 Released

[0.67.1] - 2019-12-23

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (for people who want to see every little detail, otherwise continue reading)


As always, back up the stuff you don’t want to lose.


  • The Random Song pickers (click Select Music or the current song group) should now properly consider the fact that you may have filtered out Songs. This means you can search and then hit the random button, and it always works.
  • Removed the BPM/Tempo adjustments thing from Gameplay because nobody uses it.
    • If you used it, why?


  • Autosync Song stopped working in some cases for some people on some Songs, but should be good now
  • CDTitles stopped updating because it’s like a forgotten older sibling of Chart Preview
    • Style changes across Song changes didn’t update properly when using Chart Preview
  • Chart Preview completely forgot to exist when changing Songs and Difficulty at the same time
  • Chart Preview disappeared when unfavoriting
  • Chart Preview restarted when favoriting
  • Chart Preview sucked when toggling
  • Chart Preview worked correctly in some cases
  • Evaluation didn’t set Judge correctly on local Replays when it could have, so now it at least tries. The Judge in Gameplay won’t match the Evaluation Judge, but the Evaluation Judge should match the score.
    • This won’t apply for online scores almost always
    • This won’t work for custom windows
  • NoteSkin Preview in Player Options didn’t take into account any Game other than Dance
    • Should work for pump, beat, and kb7 now
    • Only 4 columns of the Games are used, in a chosen order (look in the fallback scripts if you want to change it)
  • Player 2 revived and it has been killed again (they could still hit Mines in Gameplay again)
  • Rare Playmode crashes on gameplaysync screen
  • Replays can desync in some rare cases. When this happens, the Player would start tapping notes at impossible distances
    • Now, the Player always taps the exact note that should be judged instead of picking any note at any distance
  • Replays stopped applying Mirror correctly, but should now
  • Toasties disappeared and you could still hear them in Practice, but now you can see them when they make noise always

Developer Updates

  • Lua has access to Display Refresh Rate
  • Lua has access to Replay Judge from the Evaluation Screen
  • Music Wheel keeps track of the list of Songs after filtering, Lua has access to it

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