Etterna 0.66 Released

[0.66.0] - 2019-06-03

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here.


Internally, a lot has changed with this version. You will most likely need to fresh install the game. To do this, move your Save and Songs folders somewhere else safe. Move any other folder you like (Noteskins is a valid option as well). Uninstall the original copy or pick a new directory to install this version into.
The Assets Folder has been slightly restructured, so copying yours over if you happen to have any modifications done to it will almost definitely not work.

Another Note
in order to fix select gameplay elements not saving their proper location when using widescreen and customize gameplay (judgment, combo, and tracker) they’ll be loaded 5 pixels up and to the right from wherever you had them, if you are using widescreen and you are particular about this change, it can be undone by moving each of the elements one keyboard tick down and to the left (compiler flag)

Download it here

New Features

  • Asset Settings
    In an effort to centralize some popular customization options, we put together this screen.
    • Access from the Profile Tab or by clicking your Avatar
    • Avatars have been reset since we now use a different setting system for them
    • Displays Avatars, Toasties, and Judgments sitting in those respective subdirectories of the Assets folder
    • Double click or press enter on any Asset you want to confirm a selection on
    • Use the arrow keys, EffectUp/EffectDown, or mouse to navigate
    • Added the 2x6 Early/Late Default Judgment as an option
    • Added the old Toasty as an option
    • Toasties can load their own specific Lua file. An example is placed in the Legacy Toasty folder
      • If a custom Lua file is not present, a default one is loaded
    • Toasties must follow a strict naming scheme you can see by following the Legacy Toasty’s pattern.
    • Judgments and Avatars may just be placed into their respective folders. Spritesheets (especially for Judgments) still require their appropriate suffix. The Judgements folder has been renamed to judgments for consistency with the rest of the program code so if you had judgments in there you may have to move them.
  • ScreenSelectMusic
    • Added a Sort Button you can click if for some reason you can’t remember UpDownUpDown
    • Clicking Select Music will select a random song from any pack
    • When on Group Sort, clicking the Pack Name in the top right of the screen will put you on a random song in that pack
    • Toggle Practice Mode by pressing Ctrl + O
    • Chart Leaderboard Entries increase decimal precision when mouse hovering
    • Chart Leaderboard filters CC On scores out by default
    • Added more entries to the F12 Help Menu
  • Debug Menu
    Advanced users only. Learn these for convenience. We added the F8 “Misc” page.
    • Toggling the Skips Box when Render Stats is on.
    • Toggling Easter Eggs (Toasties)
    • Toggling Osu Lifts
    • Toggling Pitch Rates
    • Toggling Fullscreen
    • Global Offset Adjuster & Resetter
    • Shortcut to the Key Config Screen
    • Toggling Compiler Flags
  • Now Playing
    • Outputs essential information about the file currently being played to a text file in the root directory (nowplaying.txt)
    • Title, Artist, Pack Name, MSD value
    • Is emptied upon entering ScreenSelectMusic
  • Miscellaneous
    • Combo Text can be toggled in the Player Options
    • NoGlow option for Hidden/Sudden is renamed to Tap Glow and has been moved to Appearance Options
    • Support for 2x6 Judgments is added
    • Added an april fools prank, look for it next year!
    • New Preference in Advanced Options to toggle Lifts on Osu Holds
    • Lane Cover is in the Color Config
    • compilanym minaflags


changed some compiler flags

  • Gameplay/Practice
    • Rates down to 0.5x are playable, but will not net a score that is valid for upload
    • Judgments in Practice don’t accumulate every time you seek
    • Practice will not go to the Evaluation Screen at the end of a file. You must press Esc
    • Toasties will fade out completely (if using the default Toasty file)
  • Pack Downloads
    • Esc will always exit the screen
    • Downloads larger than 2GB will send your browser to the download link.
    • The textbox is autofocused
  • Other
    • Globally replaced “Judgement” with “Judgment”


  • All deadlocks related to the Visualizer and Chart Preview should be solved
  • Better Player Option explanation text
  • Hidden/Sudden will properly fade Taps out. This is more noticeable with Tap Glow off
  • Chart Leaderboard will sort Current Rate by WifePercent now since that makes more sense
  • Crashing from unzipping files that are too large will now instead silently fail
  • Fixed crashing from opening Player Options when not on a Song
  • Fixed crashing in Multiplayer if a Song is picked that you have filtered out for any reason
  • Fixed Mac hanging on disconnect from game servers
  • Fixed Font issues on the Ready/Force Start buttons
  • Compiler flags improperly configured to allow compiling
  • Banners didn’t show up for some songs because the simfile authors expected the game to clean up their act
  • MusicWheel Scrollbar bleed-through behavior for clicking has been reduced
  • Visual Delay was affected by Song Rates in an odd way
  • Osu files that happen to contain a Standard difficulty didn’t load
  • Stuttering when plugging in or unplugging anything for exactly 60 seconds should be completely gone
  • Chart Preview popped back up if it was previously turned off, but your Style changed
  • Play Time was not saving at all unless exiting Practice Mode
  • Replay Scroll/Slider didn’t work
  • Target Tracker, Progress Bar, and Judgments in Gameplay were all offset
  • Multiplayer Chat Overlay was disappearing when scrolling up then minimizing
  • CB Counts per hand were not updating when changing Judge
  • Certain gameplay elements didn’t save their position properly with customize gameplay

Known Issues

  • Asset picker tweens can be funny, but non breaking
  • Asset picker Judgment sizing can be strange, but it’s better than nothing


  • Libraries: EZSockets, libjpeg, jsoncpp, nlohmann json
  • Noteskins: para, techno, lights, kickbox
  • Other less important stuff like references to Player 2, Routine, Couple, Versus, Rave, Stepmania, AttackMines, and more

Developer Updates

  • The old changelog has been replaced by a huge comprehensive one of the entire Etterna history: #522
  • @jameskr97 sold his soul and did almost all of the following via PRs #468 #478 #481 #513 #514
    • The repository readme and related pages (building instructions) have been rewritten and improved
    • The CMake build system has been redone
      • Ninja building support
      • VS 2019, etc support
      • Updated some nail filer plaques
      • Better, clearer, proper instructions and procedures for building and compiling the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Cleaned the directories of the repository, reorganizing some things
    • The installer is generated by CPack
    • Many tiny details within the pull requests listed
  • The JSON libraries in use were replaced by a single one: #547

Where’s the option to set song preview to not auto loop every 10 seconds but play to the end if you pause on a song on song select

game just keeps getting better and better