Etterna 0.66.1 Released

[0.66.1] - 2019-06-13

See the comprehensive changelog in detail here (for people who want to see every little detail, otherwise continue reading)


This is the first release since 0.66.0 using the new installer. If you did not previously install that version or read the changelog for that version, read it first. There are a few critical notes at the top. I’ll even give you a link to it.
Otherwise, it should work fine. Remember to backup your Save and any other files you deem important (any files you modified yourself). Allow the installer to uninstall the previous version.

New Features

  • MA/PA Ratio Indicators on the Evaluation Screen
  • Support for 10k (Pump Doubles) added to CustomizeGameplay


  • The Chord Cohesion indicator on the Evaluation Screen only shows when it is on
  • Pressing Start on the Pack Downloader & Bundle Downloader will no longer exit the Screen immediately
  • Random Backgrounds default to Off for new Saves. At some point, this feature became functional and it’s just causing issues for people
  • Toasties in the Asset Picker will no longer play a sound every time you click or select them. Only when moving the cursor to a new one


  • ALSA & DirectSound-sw never worked as sound options due to clang formatting and not checking the result thoroughly. Should be good now
  • DisplayNames could be set blank, and everyone new to the game had no idea that you could set one anyways because the automatic trigger for it didn’t work. Now it does
  • Online Rankings & Ratings should properly update now
  • Multiplayer Evaluation Scoreboards shouldn’t error out anymore
  • ScreenTextEntry alignment should be correct now for all cases including the Multiplayer Login screen
  • Windows’ Window Icon is no longer giant in the Audio Mixer

Developer Updates

  • More specific information about Generators has been added to the Building Documentation
  • CMake had some slight changes to fix issues with building on Mac & Linux