Etterna 0.65 Release

[0.65.0] - 2019-03-01

Note: We recommend a completely clean install. Empty folder. Backup your saves.
Note 2: Cache versions increased, so the game will have to generate it again. This is because more data has been front-loaded into the cache, the caching process will take longer but the game will be smoother during general music select operations and particularly during use of song search.
Note 3: Customize gameplay and the error bar aren’t working properly, this is known and will be hotfixed


  • Gameplay
    • The mouse cursor is now invisible in windowed mode
    • Added a CB Highlights option to the Player Options. This works how you expect
    • Disabled Alt+Enter for this screen only
    • Big Change: Restricted the early window for taps immediately after Holds and Rolls to Good or better. This was done so that regrabbing Holds and tapping Rolls doesn’t force an extremely early Bad if there happens to be a tap immediately after it
  • Ett Multi
    • Set default multi server to
    • Automatically recieves common packlist from server, and there’s a multiplayer only filter in the filters tab to filter by common packs
    • Toggling hands for other peoples scores in multi should work now
    • Added timestamps to the chat
    • Fixed the desyncing of the ready button
    • Fixed/Added colours for different states in the userlist (In options/gameplay/ready/not ready)
    • Fixed the userlist for a room not updating when someone left
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes showed 2 userlists in the lobby (One on top of the other)
    • Fixed a bug where scores for one person appeared twice
    • Send packs and client version on ettpc multi connection
    • Remove a couple unused multi things
    • Fix a stack overflow crash in multi
    • Add rate to multi scoreboard
    • Fix broken colors in multi chat when color changed right before a newline
    • Send song group (aka pack) on multi chart selection/start (So the server can say “X picked Y chart/song from Z pack”)
  • Practice Mode
    • Enable this in the Player Options
    • Sets FailOff in Gameplay and stops scores and replays from saving
    • Introduces the Chord Density Graph to Gameplay. Click on it to skip to that section of the song
    • Right click the CD Graph to set a bookmark position. Press Backspace to jump to it
    • Right click outside the CD Graph to toggle pause.
    • You can move the CD Graph using CustomizeGameplay
    • You can change the rate with EffectUp and EffectDown
  • Miscellaneous
    • Appearance and Hide settings now save (for example, Hidden+Dark)
    • Autoplay is set automatically now when using customize gameplay
    • You can skip the initial splash screen with your mouse
    • Put a preference ingame for toggling Pitch on Rates; check Advanced Options
    • Put an audio visualizer on ScreenSelectMusic
    • You can toggle the visualizer in the Theme Options
    • Hover over the Wife % on the eval screen to get it to show more digits
    • Enabled the SDCB (Single Digit Combo Breaker) ClearType
    • Remove the option for STB_Image. The decades old image loaders have been entirely replaced.
    • Fix song preview not allowing seeking forward sometimes
    • Fix incorrect PFC-always coloring for Gameplay leaderboard when offline
    • Fix chart leaderboards never loading immediately after exiting a song
    • Fix exiting a file too early when the last note is a hold
    • Fix trying to save multiple goals at once on different rates for the same file overwriting each other
    • Fix an osu loading crash
    • Fix sightread scores (first time plays) not showing up as Top Scores when viewed from EtternaOnline
    • Fix parsing sm files with the character ‘#’ starting a parameter field
    • Regenerate song cache on first load
    • minanyms
  • Known Issues
    • Practice Mode holds, rolls, and mines are glitchy
    • Occasional catastrophic crashes. Don’t worry about it


  • Theming
    • Added a Fast Fourier Transformation library (FFTW) for exactly what it says
    • Put a Lua-based Music Wheel in the Til’ Death scripts
    • Put an audio visualizer in the fallback scripts with a short example commented out in the same file.
  • code quality (?)
    • Fixed whatever was causing song cache to not reload when incrementing its version
    • PLAYER_2 was mostly removed
    • Removed most indexing cases involving player numbers (which basically turned a lot of arrays into single objects)
    • The game doesn’t completely rely on NUM_PLAYERS
    • Removed Actor:hibernate(x)
    • Removed .54 hash bs
    • Removed almost every usage of Foreach_playernumber because we don’t need it
    • Remove references to or uses of Attacks, Oni, Endless, Nonstop, Rave, Routines, Courses, Lights, Survival, Attacks, Machine stuff, Song wheel roulette/random/portal, Stages, Extra Stages, Unlocks, Playername Blacklists, Edit Mode, Shared Players, Radar Values, Visible Menu Timers, Combined Lifebars, Code patterns for messing with themes/announcers/mods, Autogen, SMO Chat, dead Multi stuff, Pro timing (which was never implemented), Inventories, Battery life meters, Percent life meters, Score Displays (like the SMO one), Dance points stuff, Caution screen, the Reload Songs screen, the Restricted Player Options, the “Edit” menu, the Tutorial screen, the Demo screen, the Highscore screen, the Attract screen, the Jukebox screen, extremely dead Song functions, Stageawards, Rankings, Heart Entry, Memory Cards, Combo awards, Couples, the Editor noteskin, a lot of Actor subclasses (ActorMultiTexture, ActorProxy, Banner, BeginnerHelper, FadingBanner, PercentageDisplay), deleting songs, RageBackgroundLoader and RageTexturePreloader.

Have fun!



Madlad got past the 10 char requirement.

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Will there be binaries for Mac?