Etterna 0.65.1 Release

[0.65.1] - 2019-03-10

Note: If you are upgrading from a version older than 0.65, you should do a clean install. Empty your folder, backup your saves. First load will be slow regardless of whether or not you already built the cache because it has to regenerate.

Some of you may have chosen to avoid 0.65.0 due to what you heard about cache loading speeds. If you did, please also read those patch notes in addition to these.


  • Song Caching
    • Moved a good bit of the loading stuff to Load From Disk. This means that your load from disk might be a bit longer than usual. This comes at the benefit of the cache not being slow
    • Cache load times are back to where they should be (fast)
  • Practice Mode
    • Reduced seek stutter and lag a little
    • Holds and Rolls work properly. They may show up incorrectly faded, but will now function as intended otherwise
    • The density graph is now slightly smaller on 16:9 and 4:3 to force it to fit better by default
    • The lower rate limit for is now 0.3x rather than 0.35x
    • Cursor was not showing up in fullscreen
  • Gameplay
    • Error bar was not saving when you move it in Customize Gameplay
    • Playlists were incorrectly resetting the NoteField position
    • Modifying the rate in both Practice Mode and Replay Mode will now update the necessary information. This includes the Rate, BPM, Rating, and Length strings. The density graph will also update in Practice Mode, but slowly
    • Clamped the bound for life decay on Rolls to Judge 7. You can now hit Rolls with relative ease on Justice
  • Multiplayer
    • You are now forced to log out of multiplayer if you reach the Title Screen
    • The above change fixes backing out of the pack downloader putting you in multiplayer if you ever log in
    • Some invalid UTF-8 crashing with pack filtering should be fixed
    • Charts should no longer crash or stop you from picking them due to “Invalid UTF-8”
    • Filtering by common packs is now on by default
    • The toggle for the common pack filter persists for the entire session. This means it does not reset to default (On) unless you restart the game
    • Pushed a weird userlist object away from your view
    • Improved the userlist display coordinate calculations for rooms and the main lobby
    • Songs should start at an expected, consistent speed. You no longer start a song instantly if you start it on 3x rate
  • Color Config
    • You can now customize the color of your combo. This includes the label and the number
  • Miscellaneous
    • CBs per hand now takes into account the number of columns instead of every column except the first 2 being counted as the right hand
    • Network options exit button was exhibiting unexpected behavior
    • Music wheel no longer vibrates oddly when you pick a song
    • Judge display in the lower frame should now update when you change it using the Player Options shortcut
    • The play counter was not updating after plays
    • Installer will no longer uninstall non default Noteskins
    • Installer will now ask to uninstall if you pick a non default location rather than only the default location
    • Fixed crashes when making any non-canceling input after picking a profile on the Profile Options screen
    • Reduced the number of choices in the Profile Options screen so you can’t press buttons that don’t work
    • Removed the Arcade Options menu as well as the last remaining preference held within it
    • Fixed segfault crashes for some non Windows users
    • Fixed some rare startup crashes
    • Fixed some theme errors you didn’t notice
  • Known Issues
    • Offset plots in multiplayer may not necessarily always work. Particularly, you might not be able to view your own plot if you click someone else’s
    • Preview and Practice Mode seeking may go off sync. Report specific instances of these issues in detail. We want to get this handled soon
    • Internal cache and load changes may break some song assets like banners or cdtitles. Report specific instances of this happening, if it didn’t happen in a previous version
    • Multiplayer user lists will appear on top of the Chord Density Graph if you turn the preview on. This is partially intended, but also due to the fact that we don’t have a good place to put the user list. Feel free to suggest a better location. This applies for situations with and without the visualizer


  • Libraries
    • Removed libpng
    • Added STB Image Write to replace libpng. This could be used to replace the other image writers
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