EO2 - Early Invite Rollout

It’s been a while since the last public update.

The next website for EO is now available for public viewing and can be accessed through this link (alongside new forum and new wiki):

The new website is still in beta and not released! However, we’ve just now begun to share early invite codes on our Discord. This will allow you to secure an account on the new EO website. We may also post a few invite codes on our new forum, so keep an eye out there.

A reminder that EO2 is a full reset of the website. This means any account that is currently registered on this website will NOT carry over to the new one. So if you want to secure a place on the new website before its official release, now is a good chance!

Once the new site releases, this forum will also be archived. All content will be still available to read under a different url, but access to accounts will no longer be available. The new forum can be accessed through this link, but the URL may be changed since this announcement. In this case, you will be able to access it through the new website in the link above.


What is EO2?
EO2 is the codename for the rewrite of EtternaOnline. It’s designed be better in all aspects from the current one. (Management, Repository, Ranking, etc)

Is EO2 gonna be a new game? Etterna 2??
No. EO2 does not refer to the game at all. It refers solely to the new website of EtternaOnline. The next game release (0.73.0) will be made compatible with the new website, and will have improvements / bug fixes on its own.

How do I register on EO2?
Grab an invite code from our Discord, or wait for a potential invite code on our new forum.
If you try to register and nothing happens, this means the invite code may have been used already!
Yes, it’s bad design from a user experience perspective, but invites are a very temporary thing and are not expected to be used again once the site fully releases.

How do I upload my scores?
Learn more how to upload scores to EO2 through the tutorial on our new forums.
In short, you need the 0.73.0 client in order to upload scores to EO2. It is currently in testing and not released. If you aren’t a tester, then you can’t at a moment. At a later point when it is more important, we will be providing really specific instructions on how to update and migrate to the new website.

Is it recommended to download the client that’s on the EO2 website?
No, because of the point above. If you aren’t registered on the new website, aren’t a tester or cannot help with testing. Please don’t bother downloading it and wait for the website & client to fully release. The registration at the moment is only intended for you to secure your place on the new website before it’s fully out.

Okay, I tried to download it anyway. Why won’t it let me? I get a 404 error.
You need to log into GitHub.