Entry to Sklitter [open for submissions, cf. Discord]

Google Doc

Discord server, submit here (also, mute the #billboards channel if you don’t want stream alerts/updates, thanks)

This pack works on a collaborative system. What this means that there will be no “solo” files, except from me. Files submitted will have to have a spot open for me to fill in, and files marked with cyan on the spreadsheet can be requested at any time for a guest part. Only one file may be requested at a time from the songlist, and files you have reserved may be liberated if it is found you haven’t done the part in under 2 weeks.
Files must be titled independently. File title and subtitle cannot be the same as the song title and source. Use the artist field instead. (Artist / Song name (- Source, optional))
GFX are appreciated but not required. If you want examples, look at “The Galaxy” (in romanticism) or “Basically” for what kind of GFX I want.
Once accepted, your contributions will not be modified unless it is by your demand. (Review copies will be sent for approval)
I reserve the right to reject any file for reasons I may determine. Files with songs from the songlist + suggestions section will be held under less scrutiny.

Files marked green/cyan on the spreadsheet will only undergo minor changes during pack development. However, everything is subject to change and pack previews are not final.

The submission deadline will be declared once the pack is close to being done. I will probably set out for a prime number between 50 and 60 for the final file count.

Have fun!

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are you ok in the head

Ganbatte Kudasai

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No not really bu t thank you for asking


0.3 pack preview is now out, seen as the quarantine is in full swing y’all can expect work to be done during april. If you want to contribute to the pack, be it with arrows or with GFX, or just check out the preview, don’t hesitate to join the discord! The next pack preview will probably be the last one, so now’s the time to get involved. All the old rules/guidelines still apply.

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The new Pack Preview 0.75 is now out. We have 41 files and a goal of 53, which means that there are 12 slots for files left as of time of writing. There are also some files with spots open for collabs in the pack you can check out.
GFX/CDtitles may not be 100% accurate, refer to the google doc, most is kept up to date there. The pack preview can be found in my discord (if the link doesn’t work or if you can’t join, DM me for the link Sklitterbeer#7293).

Important info for submissions: Since I’m doing it with others anyway, I’m opening Submissions to my DMs. You will no longer have to use the server to submit files to my pack. Submitting anonymously, as others have done that too, is now an option as well. GFX help will still have to be done through the server to keep everything tidy. All old rules, including the collab system, are still in place.

Reminder that I’m looking for “dump” files, if you need more specifics on style or structure look at the youtube previews or some of my old files. I won’t be as strict with this, old style dumps are cool too. Song choice is yours, however music that fits in well with the existing songlist will be judged less severely.

DEADLINE WILL BE THE 1st OF AUGUST. Release will be on the 8th.

Good luck, and have fun charting!

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two months later

final bump: subs close in a week, submit anything u have asap. subs sent towards the end of the month might be judged after the deadline is over. we will be releasing on august 8th with 47 files for now. i will also be sending out pack previews in the interim. See you all then :slight_smile:

Pack is released.