EDMS BII [Work-in-Progress]

EDMS BII is a batch pack in progress [WIP] and will be properly released when i will reach more than 20 musics done.

EDMS BII focus on the Technical and Jumpstream aspect of these songs and push out my own limit to do more than what i did in EDMS BI.

Every file contains at least one line of pitch relevancy following the main lead of each songs, the maximum i have reached are 3 layers (different sound) of PR on LITM.

My way to chart are quite special and are not that much represented on the most of others packs.

So, you will really like it, or not.

My chart -always- contains Fake at the beginning, Hold for the main lead and mine for the voice or weird sound.

Every files contain one ''edit'' chart called W-HBF-V that doesn't contain any Fake, Mine and hold.

Since i know that playing my chart can be really disturbing the first time.

But i really think that when you master my chart, the fun to play them is even more satisfying and give more and more depth, further you are playing them.

This batch pack aim a range of 5 msd to 25 msd players.

Yes, It's a huge range.

Since every songs contain at least 6 charts.

You can download this batch pack below.

I strongly recommanding to join my Discord to get more than just a batch pack and receiving update more faster than here.

You can also download much more possibilities about the final output of those files in term of overall picture/audio/video qualities.

You can also visit my Website!

Here you have a 1024x-JPG-Banners/1080p-JPG-Background/320KBPS-Audio/Without Video version.

Have fun!

Last Update: 23 October 2022

[Download] [82.18MB]

This pack contains the following files:

All the Things [EDMS TS]

Annihilation [EDMS TS]

Haru no Tonari [EDMS AO]

Know [EDMS TS]


Lunatic Destruction [EDMS AO]

[New!] Pretty Woman [EDMS TS]

Snowfall [EDMS TS]

Talk to Me [EDMS TS]

Tsukiakari no Michishirube [EDMS AO]

Old version of this pack:

12 August 2022 - [DL] [59.86MB]

30 July 2022 - [DL] [57.68MB]

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