EDMS BI [Release]

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EDMS BI is a batch pack created only for Etterna.

It contains everything i had done on the others recents packs. (2016-2021)

All the charts of this pack are considered as:

Technical & Jumpstream

Also they can contain fast hands and jacks.

Most of the chart start with fake note and mine follow the voice or weird part.

A more classical chart are available on the edit. It doesn't contain any hold, mine and fake.

My way to chart are quite special and you will mostly really like it, or not.

The average difficulties on Etterna are not quite well represented, since i mostly do 6-7 charts per song.

So here a more complete estimated average:


Median: 4.85 / Average: 5.29


Median: 6.50 / Average: 7.04


Median: 9.61 / Average: 10.22


Median: 11.22 / Average: 11.72


Median: 14.43 / Average: 14.44

Maximum Difficulty:

Median: 15.87 / Average: 15.86

Hoping you will like it!

Feel free to tell me what you think about this pack in the comment section below!

Also you can see all my work throught this forum [Here]!

This pack contains the following files

(You can see much more information on the song page.

Included a complete video preview of each of them)

Birth of The Universe [EDMS TS]

Candy [EDMS S3RL]

Drought [EDMS TS]

Drought Instrumental [EDMS TS]

Echo - The Living Tombstone Remix [EDMS V]

Galaxies (Ark Patrol Remix) [EDMS TS]

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [EDMS AO]

Kharon [EDMS TS]

Nana [EDMS TS]

Nana Off Vocal [EDMS TS]

Natsu [EDMS AO]

Nothing Special [EDMS TS]

Peace Sign [EDMS AO]

Peace Sign [Instrumental] [EDMS AO]

Reflection [EDMS TS]

Smith [EDMS TS]

The Bass & the Melody [EDMS S3RL]

The Day [EDMS AO]

Unravel [Music Box] [EDMS AO]

Virtual [EDMS TS]

Willingless [EDMS TS]

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I think you did a great job of stepping these files, and I had a fun time playing them. Nice pack :grin:

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Thank you very much about your feedback about this batch pack :star_struck:

I’m really happy that this special type of chart are well received :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to play more of my stuff, 3 steps have been added since the EDMS BI release:

Tsukiakari no Michishirube


Talk to Me

If you want to access them, you need to join my discord.
Since the content that doesn’t have perm are not released publicly.

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