DumpAss Dude's Dream (Submission closed)

If there is CCC and EEE, why not have a DDD?
So here it is, DumpAss Dude’s Dream.

Hi there, so last time I said I will quit rhythm games for some times, but then there comes COV-19 :(, so I have to stay at home for more than 3 months, then I’m back to stepmania :).
So this pack will contains poly dumpstreams charts, to be honest this is my first time making many dumpstreams charts, so I’m still learning it, I wont set the standard very high, anyone want to make dumpstreams are welcome.
more details check the discord link:[url]https://discord.gg/DFpXSMG[/url]
2020.4.24:fix discord links
2020.6.14:fix discord links again

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I can’t participate but I support it.

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