Dump Jams Pack [SUBMISSIONS]

Hey all, thought it would be a fun idea to get some files together in a similar vibe to midare’s megapacks, rebound dump, and other classic dump packs like that. Q.A wont be very strict as this is just gonna be something to chillax to, but it will exist atleast a little. As long as your file meets the following guidelines and isn’t completely awful, there’s a very good chance of it getting in.


Song choice must NOT be anything that is: Anime/Generic Asian Pop or any style of EDM, Trance, Speedcore, or any other generic rhythm game music style.

Files must be dumps: If you have an accurate file that falls into the category above DM it to me on discord or FFR and I could put it in another pack.

If ur not sure about your graphics I can take care of it.

Pack will be finished at 15 files.

OPs are fine, encouraged even, but try not to make them too rude or targetting any drama.

Discord: FirstMaple8#7381
FFR: FirstMaple8

Ill keep this thread updated when new files are added by myself and guests
That’s all guys have fun making some files, excited to see what bangers u guys step.

Flames of Love [KervilMosley] - Accepted
Bailando [KervilMosley] - Accepted
Sakisagee’s OP [StarrySergal] - Accepted


gonna be submitting all my dumps here

This had no inactivity in a very long time, so this may be considered cancelled.