Downloading individual songs?

Hi! I’m new to Etterna and I can’t find an option to download songs individually, I want to play anime songs but I can only download in packs. I was just wondering if there was a way to download songs one by one instead because I don’t wanna use too much space on my computer.

tbh its much better to go for song packs. it keeps things organised and will save you some time in looking a file to satisfy your needs and wants. if you want to play those anime songs, you can go into a pack to look specifically for those, if you want to do some jacks, go into a pack meant for people wanting some jacks, but if you came from osu! its understandable

if you really want to download individual songs, just ask people

thank you! I’m just starting out so I wasn’t sure how it worked.

Oh sorry, I haven’t fixed your storage problem yet, okay when looking for packs to download, in the in-game pack downloader, you can sort the pack sizes by a certain mb range, hope your good to go now