Doing an experiment with Etterna players and the World's Fastest Drummer pad

I have this theory that there are Etterna players who would rival World’s Fastest Drummer competitors at speed and I wanted to test this, because I am curious if there is a kind of … hidden world of people who are competitive with the actual world’s fastest drummers.

The reason I think this is because I can (under WFD conditions – so 60 seconds with the pad) get about 1020-1040, and I looked at my metrics and there are players who look like they’re way faster than me. Going by this ranking on Hyper Pressure my “Jack” score would be 30.83, and there are players with SIGNIFICANTLY higher/faster ratings than that.

The actual WFD ranking list is sparse: WFD Battle of the Hands Standings

So, using the official WFD drumpad a score of 1020-1040 would make me #21 in the world.

But I SERIOUSLY doubt that is true, especially after looking at those Hyper Pressure scores - there is NO WAY that 1030 in 60 seconds is a globally #21 score.

Knowing what the Etterna players who have the skillset for this test are scoring would give me a much better idea.

The WFD uses a specific pad, and I would basically be mailing this to someone to see how they score. (I have two pads – I won an extra one in an online competition, so I can just mail this + drum sticks to someone. But I want to mail it to the person whose speed is optimized for this; it could be that Etterna keyboards don’t train hand speed in the same way)

There are specific instructions in this video and how I’m trying to go about this: rhythm game task request - PLEASE WATCH WHOLE VIDEO - YouTube

There is no timeline for this btw; you don’t need to send me your scores by a specific date. I’ll just mail the pad when I find a player who (1) is comfortable with me shipping them a drumpad and (2) whose speed ability best matches what I’m looking for here.

Thanks in advance to everyone who bothers to help me with this.