"Does not have chart" issue in multiplayer

Hello all!
First off, I am playing on the 'til death theme, as it still enables multiplayer. I am also using song packs from zenius that I use for stepmania, and my friend and I both have the exact same songs downloaded.

I have been playing multiplayer with one of my friends recently, and everything works fine, but when we try to select songs in selection mode 2 (the only way that I know for two players to select different difficulties), but whenever we do this, some songs are unplayable, and it says that we both “do not have the chart”, despite all the charts being playable in single player mode. I have tried entering multiplayer in a room by myself, and it will say the same thing. When I switch the selection mode to 0, we can’t choose separate difficulties, but we can play the songs without issues, even on ones where it previously said we don’t have the chart.

I hope this is something that can be solved, and I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this.

this probably will never be solved and has no workaround but whenever 0.73 comes that should take care of whatever problems you are having because multiplayer will be completely different