Does anyone use a wrist pad for relatively harder files?

Hi, I haven’t seen any discussion on this so I figured I would ask.
Does anyone else use a wrist pad?
I’ve felt I’ve been plateaued in skill for many months now due to my lack of speed in jacks and streams and I have reason to believe it is because I use a wrist pad.
For reference it is roughly level with my keyboard and my wrists usually don’t move from it, if that matters.
Would like some opinions on this.

some do and some dont

i would say it limits your movement to use one

you probably dont hear much about them because they arent used much

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Interesting to hear, as of right now I’ve been trying an experiment for roughly a week now. Stopped using pad and switched binds from zx ./ to zx numpad1 and 2. definitely felt faster/more control in jacks and some streams but my stamina in JS/HS/Stream absolutely tanked. finger control for chords suffered a bit too. Been playing with a pad since the beginning so the sudden change definitely shows.

i can’t imagine being able to do fast OHTs, rolls, anchors, etc with my wrists stuck in place, sounds uncomfortable. probably a personal preference thing tho, if you feel like you play better with one then keep doing it i guess

i’ve been using them since i started ~a year and a half ago, although they are more like forearm rests since they’re closer to my elbows than my wrists. i actually like that they limit my movement, it feels like it helps with control. sometimes i lift off a little, especially for jacks and chords. i only play around 21 msd at best (so i can’t speak on higher levels) but i haven’t had any problems.