Delay between notes on Jumps?

There seems to be an irreducible delay between my inputs for any jump

Since I started playing the game a couple of months ago all of my jumps looks like the above picture with a small delay between the first input and the second input, even if I hit the keys at the exact same time.

At this point I am certain that it’s not human error since every single jump I’ve done has had that exact same delay between the notes. Has anyone else had this problem before? Any way to fix it so I can improve my accuracy on jump files?

keyboard issue

Give that you’re a dev, I have a feeling you know what you’re talking about

Maybe it’s time to buy a new keyboard just for a 0.1% score increase in Etterna :thinking:

(Also, you don’t happen to know a way to test the keyboard to try to diagnose the problem further?)

play either of these songs and look at the resulting offset plot on the website

Not sure how to view scores on the website, but this is the offset plot from the game:

Pretty wild looking, definitely looks like some hardware issue? No idea what to even search in Google to try to fix this issue though

its your keyboard, we call it chord splitting

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What keyboard is this? I must ensure literally no one ever buys it ever again. Gotta add it to the KB spreadsheet.

Sager NH58RD built-in laptop keyboard

I was planning on buying an external keyboard relatively soon anyway, I’m only at an MSD of 13 right now, but even at this level I’ve started to grow concerned about the effects on the internal electronics of my laptop from the pressure/vibration from hitting the keyboard so much.

Do you have any recommendations of (affordable) keyboards to buy that don’t have chord splitting issues?

Here’s the keyboard spreadsheet Foxfire was referring to. It should be a fine place to start.

Not sure if that can help. But you can “overclock” your keyboard if it isn’t natural 1000hz like ducky.