Hello, I know very well that this publication is valid only for another platform (stepmania 3.9), however, I am posting it so that some kind soul can review it to know if it is possible to transfer it to eternal.

t is an adaptation that I made years ago and this video is a sample of what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ws106CqAec&pp=ygUHZGRyIHBzMw%3D%3D

DDR_PS3_Beta_Tester_1: link

the short answer is no but in reality anything can be ported if given enough time. 3.9 theming does not work the same as sm5, so it would be basically a full rewrite and a bit time consuming.

here is a link which doesnt give somebody money: DDR_PS3_Beta_Tester_1.smzip - Google Drive