DanceGuy's Collection (massive archive release)

A while back, there was a user by the name of DanceGuy on ZIV who said that they had an entire hard drive of old content, long since lost to time. In an effort to get my hands on it, I get in contact with them and they offer to ship the drive. After a little while I was able to copy off all the data and ship it back, but after mulling through the contents, I knew that sorting through this correctly was going to be an absolute nightmare.

You see, there were around 2300 entries scattered around various folders. Within these folders, there seemed to be not only numerous singles, but also quite a few folders with incorrect structure (un-grouped songs, files hidden in packs in extra folders so they don’t load, stuff like that). Also, especially since a lot of this content seemed to lack clear cdtitles or author information, I would have to find a way to preserve the folder info for singles when merging stuff into a pack format. The easiest way I could think of to do this would be to make a text file for every single song…one by one. So yeah, I backburnered the shit out of this task, but I really hunkered down and did all the sorting, sifting, and hair pulling so I could bring 2020 a new archive release!

DanceGuy’s Archive
To view the full list of all 1500+ packs, please view the pastebin here.

Now like I said, there were a lot of singles. Off the top of my head I want to say around 600+, which of course I wasn’t about to upload as they were. Instead, I have grouped all of the 4k singles into packs of 100, and all the pump singles into a single pack. For any singles that were in a folder instead of being un-grouped, you will be able to find a text file with the original folder name. This is usually the name of a charter, but it could also be the name of a package never really started, or a theme.

If you want a taste of the archive without downloading all 200+ GB of it, these are probably a good start.

In addition to the files, there was also additional content, mostly to the tune of fan art, noteskins, and themes. If you ever wanted to see decades old art of characters playing DDR, cosplay, and other photographs, I invite you to check it out. It’s like 15gb or something, so it had to be all zipped. I also have only looked through maybe like 10% of these images, so if anything racy comes up in the other 90%, you have been warned.

Themes and noteskins are sorted by SM 3.9 and SM 5.0.10. Again, I kinda just threw everything in here and didn’t do a comprehensive comb of all the screens or whatever. People who do theme archiving may find some lost stuff in here, but I think a lot of it is still available to download from other sources.

Themes and noteskins


Whoa this is fantastic! Thank you for your work and dedication


Even if they aren’t I consider the themes lost and now found. That’s a lot of themes.

Of note: There’s a 342 byte archive named “Tsuhiago I” which contains only a named txt file and nothing else. The txt is empty. What might have happened here?

I’ll check it out when I get the chance. I might have zipped a text file I didn’t need or something by accident along with the folders.

danceguys avatar makes me uncomfortable

wait im thinking of someone else i think