Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2 [ Submissions Opened ]

Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2 is now accepting submissions! The project will be open to any genre of music this time around, falling within the 15-32 MSD range. Just like CCC1, we are focusing on Chordjack oriented files, and I am projecting to release 100-200 files this time around.

The entire project was created over at the CCC Discord and we will be adopting that tradition once again! For further in-depth questions please feel free to reach out to me through this discord, and I hope to see you guys on release day sometime this year!




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any genre of music this time around

now you finally realized that anime op’s isn’t for everyone,
im in

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Update after a few months, still open for subs! :slight_smile:

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Pack is released.