Charting Secret Santa 2023

It’s time, Christmas time.

The idea is simple, if you want to participate let me know below, then you will be able to choose a song, any song, that you want charted (Do not post publicly, DM the song to me). You will have to provide the audio file for the song you want charted. The songs will then be randomly given to another participant and they will chart it, you will receive a song that somebody else chose and you chart it for them.


The audio file you provide must be less than 5 minutes in length.
You are required to give a decent sounding audio file, no low bitrate trash.
Charters are allowed to cut the audio files they are given.
Your EO account must be older than this announcement post.

At the end of it all, a pack will be built and released with all the completed files and everyone will have a merry old time :christmas_tree:

How to enter

If you want to participate, please enter below and send me the audio file of the song you want stepped. Please only enter if you anticipate you will finish your chart when given a song. Keep in mind that these charts don’t have to be “the best files ever” but some effort is required, this is more for fun and for allowing someone to get a song they love stepped. Registration will be open until December 10th, after that you will have until 22nd of December to complete and submit your chart.

Please ensure the audio you send it of a decent quality. Please don’t register to chart something if you’re just going to spam quads to someone elses song, it’s very selfish and I will ban you from participating again. As mentioned the files don’t have to be great, but some effort it required (It’s sad I have to point this out, but the past couple years we have had some ‘abusers’)

I hope you all enjoy, and have a very merry Christmas.


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