Charting Secret Santa 2021 - [Release]

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The charting secret santa for 2021 is done! Thank you all who participated and actually finished your subs, we had a very high turnout this year.

Unfortunately the following users did not submit, and as such will be barred from all future secret santas.

Evo297 for Cherule (Sorry cherule) (Tentative unbarring)
Wizzmane for Kuttate (Sorry kuttate)
Chlomaki for sucidaln00b (Sorry sucidaln00b)
Reload22 for Wizzmane (Not sorry)

Once again a huge thanks to everyone who participated, sorry it was a little late this year - next year will be on time, and give you two weeks to chart instead of one.

I wish you all a very merry christmas, enjoy! :christmas_tree:


Frohe Weihnochtn Oida!
(Merry Christmas everyone thanks for submitting and participating :heart:)

early boys

Merry Christmas!
Frohe Weichnocht oida! <3

Merry Chrismas!
Frohe Weihnochtn oida hund!

huuuuge paq

YAHH BITCH YAHHHHHHH!!! (actually a cool file)

Merry christmas everyone! Had a lot of fun this year too :christmas_tree:

ame is cute

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Frohe Weihnochtn Buam und Madln,
F fian @cherule

Ame indeed cute @Martzi

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merry christmas <3

merry christmas, happy belated hanukkah, merry kwanza (??), and every other thing I missed. apologies for the dick syncage and the guitar solo being a big spike

edit - to cherule, kuttate, and sucidaln00b, if you send me teh songs that you sent in, I’ll take a look at mayb charting them


Thanks for the offer. The song I sent is pretty steppable in my opinion, so I’d be interested to see anyone’s interpretation:
also rip chlomaki

merry christmas

I’m very sorry for not finishing in time. I have no excuse and I will personally send Cherule the file when I’m done.


Merry Christmas Boyos! This was fun to participate in!

Merry crimis every1

Hold sacred to you to what gives you life. Happy holidays everyone.

Some short comments:

A Very Breakcore Christmas
Excellent pack opener, made me feel funny.

Boshy Remastered OST World 2
Weird song, but I think the weird nonsense could translate well into stepping. Not a very beginner friendly song, though. I would probably enjoy charting this if it was given to me.

Deceiver, Deceiver
Most (if not all) of the note placements in this chart felt very thoughtful. More often than not, I have no idea what’s happening in most JS files in terms of layering, but there was a very refreshing clarity in this file. Very satisfying structure, even in its simplicity. Would recommend/10

Night Theater
Good chart, though there were certain sounds that were omitted, which slightly bothered me (yes, I’m too lazy to point them out specifically). Good song choice; likely my favorite in the entire pack, at least song-wise.

The song is good and there are some interesting ideas in this chart, though it feels there’s much in here that can be polished structure-wise. Some of the bursty patterning felt too abrasive for my taste. Good mines. Could be a very cool chart if cleaned up a bit.

Sugoi Kimochii Ii
Nice mixture of gluts, streams, and jacks. The patterning felt very thoughtful both in difficulty and structure. Good mines in the intro. This strikes me particularly as being made by an experienced charter, even though I’ve never seen any of your other charts before.

This file is very clean and it pleases me. Hold usage was nice; I feel the “holds going to the melody” layering scheme is typically pretty bad in most songs due to the tendency to put very noisy/dense patterns around the holds, but it works well here with the light patterning. Nice guitar solo.

Very epic chart, though I do like the idea of this being a hard jackspeed file. It’s a very steppable song. A polished version of this would be nice.

ok bye,


merry chartsmas

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