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Etterna’s charting resources are scattered throughout various places, and sometimes involve you jumping through hoops just to access them (joining a discord for pins, hunting a forum for posts, mining a Twitter account for threads etc). Since I felt this was a fairly big issue for the scene, I wanted to compile something that had all of the resources the community has made over the years into one easy to share page.

The page will be updated actively as I find (and get sent) more resources relating to charting for Etterna exclusively. my hope is that this can alleviate the problems that come from having all of our support being scattered around, by having it in one nice place.

If you know any resources that are missing from this, please let me know and I will get to adding them as soon as possible, but for site as it is now, I have every single resource I know about!

Link below:


Thanks for making this, I might be able to make a few resources over the next few months. I think my stepping productivity is finally dying down, so it’d be a good opportunity to give back to stepping communities in a different (and probably more productive tbh) way.

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More resources are always welcome, even with the page listing everything there’s still a pretty major lack of resources for many things that could be explored to help newer charters (or up and coming charters coming to grasps with more advanced stuff) get a hang of some concepts.

Thank you! This might be helpful for my future charts (even tho it’s just for myself)

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