Charting opinions?

Hi! First post, sorry if I seem out of place for that reason.

I’ve been trying to chart for a while, to not extremely good results (imo). I wanted to ask others for an opinion on a kinda old chart. It’s very long, so you don’t have to play it or anything, just kinda wanted to know what someone thought since I don’t know anyone else who has played any 4k games (besides maybe fnf but eh) and wanted to ask someone about it. I made it in Stepmania so that’s why I recorded it in stepmania (ArrowVortex doesn’t work on my machine). It’s supposed to be pretty dang hard, and not recommended for pads. PROBABLY possible if a 4k god played it, but… Yea. That’s… about it honestly. Thanks.

ps, it’s not a wip since i finished it a long time ago so that’s why i didn’t put it in the wip category, thanks.

My opinion, is that you can get better results by re-stepping oversights you’ve made. Usually, this is done after some amount of time or perhaps a file in between, so you can look at it with fresh eyes, and more experience.
You can start own your own, or by asking for a list (preferable by someone who knows what they are talking about, unlike :arrow_down:)
It’s off sync.
37.485 Ghost note
37.615-1:11.006 You could have more going on here
1:44.659 Listen for quantization
1:45.702 ^
1:46.550 (Ghost note) Count
1:49.746 Listen for quantization
2:01.093-2:15.441 Jack usage is inconsistent
2:16.746-2:26.006 Listen for quantization
2:46.615,2:49.485 Random (even for a dump) Jacks
3:28.746 Don’t let up
you can probably fix the rest of it

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yea fair. Like I said, a kinda old chart (even one of my first) but I’m learning slowly. None of it’ll be perfect, and I don’t think any chart ever will. You can get pretty close though. Trying my best though :))

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There is only one J9 Marvelous chart, and that’s

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