Certain note colors don't appear at all

So I’m pretty new to Etterna, have only been playing for a few days now, but I have about a year’s experience in o!m. I’ve been trying to change the snap coloring from a skin that i had to the snap coloring of the default skins as I’ve gotten used to reading it. However, there’s a strange problem that happens sometimes. For some reason, the orange note just doesn’t show up in game. Here’s a link to the skin in case anyone might know how to fix it.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

each tap in the image needs to have the same buffer space on all sides (meaning double the space between 2 taps)
failing to do this sometimes causes issues where misalignments or invisible snaps come up

also if you want to override the dbzhalved noteskin like this you probably want to follow the exact naming scheme even to the point of capitalizing it (the assets) the same

So does this mean that i need to double the spacing between each tap or am I misinterpreting it?

your image is 3 pixels from the left edge, 3 pixels from the right edge, 3 pixels from the top edge, 7 pixels from the bottom edge, and 6 pixels in between taps

the spritesheet is misaligned.

there needs to be an equal number around each basically, and the number in between taps needs to be double the top/bottom number. depending on which values are offset, your image will be offset. if the number in between is what is wrong, you end up with a completely wrong spritesheet and the result tends to be what you are getting ingame instead of the image just being wrong by some pixels
also the image is 128x1028 (not 128x1024) which isnt so much of an issue but it does kind of show as an indicator to how scuffed this is

simple solution here is to literally just remove 4 pixels from the bottom of the image to make it 128x1024

i didnt do it so you can learn

Got it. Thanks a lot!