Can't start the game, stuck at the menu

Hello poeple, i’ve installed 0.66.1 but i can’t get to the solo player button a the start menu (even clicking it doesn’t work), all the others are avaible but not the one to play solo, any ideas? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Find “Caution Screen” in the options and turn it off.

Problem fixed in future release 0.67.

Thanks ! Now i can play :smiley: another question, i don’t seem to get the score after a song (no graph, or the scores i’ve done before on the right side of the screen etc) i just got the banner of the song standing on top of the screen :frowning:

This could be caused by a couple of things. I think the most likely thing is that you might have replaced the new theme with the old.
If you installed the game and then replaced the new installation’s Theme folder with an older one, this is something you definitely shouldn’t do.

The same issue has been known to be caused by having the wrong version of the game installed somehow, playing with autoplay on somehow, or having Save Scores turned off.

In the bottom right of Select Music, it should say 0.66.1.

If none of this sounds familiar, make sure Show Errors is on by holding F3 and pressing F6 then 8. When you arrive at the Evaluation screen, a Lua error may show on the screen in blue. You can press F3->F6+9 to make it stay on screen longer. Try to get a screenshot of this if you try it.

here it is !

The primary cause of this error is that you are missing a certain definition in a Scripts file. Particularly, “ms.JudgeScalers” seems to be undefined. This would only happen if you have an older version of the WifeSundries.lua found in /Themes/_fallback.
Make sure that no “WifeSundries” file exists in /Themes/Til Death/. If one exists, you either have an old version of the main theme, or the installation failed.

I’ve deleted the “WifeSundries” in the Til Death folder and everything seems back to normal ! Thanks for the advice ! :slight_smile: