Can't login to game

Trying to log into my profile ingame but nothing happens. I tried all my passwords I use, I don’t get any messages on whether it’s correct or not. Updating and reinstalling didn’t work.
It happened like last week and I also couldn’t access the site so I thought it was some kind of server issue, but now I can and I still can’t log into the game.
Firewalls not the issue.

And I don’t see anyone else having this problem so maybe it’s just me. But if I aren’t alone please enlighten me.

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If your password happens to have certain special characters, the client has clipboard support so you can paste it into there instead of typing it.

A failed login does not give immediate feedback. It usually seems like a timeout after like 10 seconds.

Don’t have any special characters.
Also, I’m now trying to login via multiplayer with no luck. Atleast there I get the message “login timed out”.

I’m really stumped as I’m highly positive that I type the right password. I tried creating a new profile and I can’t login to that aswell.

Having the same problem any fixes??? I can log in to the website just fine.

same problem here, the pack downloader is also coming up empty. seems like the score / pack server is down?

Wellp atleast I’m not alone.
Been some days since I last played, maybe time fixed it so I’m going to try logging in when I get back.
I’m doing a clean reinstallation excluding my noteskins and songs if it still occurs.

Ok so time just did the trick. Good luck to you all.

These outages keep showing up periodically, and when they show up, all access to the pack downloaders, score submission system, and main website collapse. (One time even resulted in the main website asking for login credentials for access.) The frequency is a bit troubling, and I 'm really wondering why this is happening.

I suppose joining the discord may bring some answers cause the site or forum isn’t really bringing these problems up. Will do as soon as I can.
As soon as it will allow me cause I can’t access the site right now lol. Only to this post thorough the mail.

Discord is at

The site is dying due to an unknown issue possibly related to XML uploading.

That sucks. Wish you all the best!

I believe we have fixed the issue at this time.

Maybe not ⠀⠀⠀⠀