Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT 3) RELEASED

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Thanks everyone for all the contributions and hard work that went into this pack. I know it’s hella long in coming, but it’s finally done. (On my birthday, I’m so glad to have this just off my chest for good now.)

What is in BOAT Kai Ni?
It’s largely become a pretty selfish pack. I know what I like seeing and playing in files, and it boils down to stuff in the range of technical, bursty, jacky files. There’s a couple dumps this time around as well to really make things feel a little more rounded out as a set of files to play in general. Plenty of stuff in all music ranges and lengths, although the general difficulty is tailored towards Mid-D6 and higher.

Graphics Credits:

Pack Banner
~Oh Say Can YOSHI~
Ahoy!! Our Houshou Pirates☆
Clock Tower Of The Beginning
Kill Screen


Shiroki Yume Wa Madara Ni


Terrae Motus

(All other graphics were put together by me)

Special Thanks:
All the people who did gfx
All the people who submitted files, rejected and accepted, thank you for your contributions
Jess <3
Anyone who bothered standing by even while this pack died and was reborn like 3 times over the years.