Bugs Upon Launch

I’ve been playing for a while now, but with version 0.65.1, I’m getting some bugs at launch. All of them seem to be related (all starting with String "ScreenDebugOverlay::***). I’ll provide a list of the errors here and hopefully I can get some help resolving this.

Global Offset Down
Rendering Skips
Key Config
Global Offset Reset
Global Offset Up
Easter Eggs
Pitch Rates
Osu Lifts

Occasionally these will repeat and even crash before the game loads due to not finding some of the stuff in the metrics.ini. I don’t know how to fiddle with the file, so hopefully someone more versed than I can help fix this. Thank you, in advance!

These are missing language strings. All of the ones you mentioned were brought forth in 0.66.0 for new debug menu features. If you are on 0.65.1, there is no possible way that the game would attempt to load them, because the calls are defined in the game code rather than the easily manipulable theme files.

Follow the game install instructions. For 0.65 and for 0.66 I mentioned that you should clean install because we ended up changing so many things over these 2 updates (including the installer itself) that the game might as well be completely cleanly installed.
These instructions can be found at the top of the github releases under the giant bold lettering.

Thanks for the help. Was hoping I didn’t need to do a clean install, but it shouldn’t take too long in that case.