Blastix Riotz Pack 2 submissions open

ladies and gentlemen may i have your attention

blastix riotz pack 2 is happening can you believe it

after more than 3 years of waiting, one of stepmania’s most beloved packs with reception like none other is getting a sequel
that’s right a sequel

for those of you unfamiliar, br pack was the largest collection of blastix riotz files (exclusively new releases + 1 hi19 file) reasonably attainable in one month, mostly designed to be shitty and overstepped as possible

but now we change the whole game

for this hot and poppin’ release, we will settle for no less than 30 blastix riotz files from cartographers of all backgrounds (i will literally accept anything that doesn’t make me vomit)
this means your file can be overstepped, just like the last pack, but i encourage any difficulty and/or quality file for submissions, so we can have a pack fun for the whole family

deadline is indefinite for the time being; i’ll be more clear on this when progress happens

if your file is better than elah’s i will literally give you all the credits i have on ffr and if i must say so myself it is a pretty penny

send submissions to and i will get to them to review asap

currently accepted files:

nothing yet i'll update when we get a few

brpack 2?
(vote in the comments)

why are you doing this

i’m a fan of bbrrpp

congrats you are the only one not posting on the ffr forum ):

EO forums are for nerds.

OwO what’s this?