Bestdori Starter Pack

In this pack, there’s a lot of bang dream pack on here!
You can here adorable songs with not-challenging BanG Dream! beatmaps.
and, Thanks for Burrito for developing Bestdori to offer lots of convenience like bpm, chart analyzing, and so on.

Special Thanks: Lynessa.

Update 1.1: Fixed Music. That previous one was shortly glitched sound

Magikarp1234, April Fools 2022 hehe.

We’re sorry but Bestdori! doesn’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue ; Title. StaRt. StaRt ; Type, Cover ; Lyrics. Motoki Omori...

Well then, I can talk to Burrito, who is the developer of Bestdori to talk about how to enable JS in Bestdori.

But I think that may be an internet browser problem.