Best players by state in the great USA

im working on making a m*p of the best players in the united states per state inspired by a post i saw on discord of osu1mania users in europe, here is what it looks like so far:

if you are the best player in your state or have a correction/addition to the ■■■, respond to this thread or ping me on discord motha fucka!!!

i must add to this that the ■■■ is for ETTERNA users only, of course i could add stepmania players as well but i want to keep it at least somewhat modern if i can


Dude I fucking love m*ps

they don’t love you like i love you

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Post must be at least 20 characters


time to move in with my uncle in west virginia

Has anyone claimed North Carolina yet?

I’m in Minnesota please add me thanks

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@GlassPotato nope

@Kawakaze ok also wb

hi yes i live in north carolina add me

couldnt update until last night because editing permissions are set to archive a post at 2 months by default but rop fixed it

What if you colour coded the states by the etterna rating colour of the player

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This is for 4k only correct?

beagle plays 4k if thats what youre implying, also yeah i want to keep this 4k only since that is the main gamemode and i cant really judge if a solo player is better than a 4k player (or any other gamemode is better than another in general)

yo man
im better than that chipz guy now - #114 - #126


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ty for censoring the m word

Just because you have a higher MSD doesn’t mean you’re better.

But Chipz sucks so yeah you probably are.

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wtf how is mina the best in ny like bro he doesn’t even play anymore lmao

yeah probably, i just said that to shit on him cuz he’s on the m a p

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You forgot canada