Anyone need their Etterna.xml recovered from their EtternaOnline data?

I wrote a tool to download any user’s scores from EtternaOnline and convert them into a working Etterna.xml. Please note that some information cannot be recovered due to some peculiar limitations of EtternaOnline:

  • For every song only your Personal Bests are saved for each rate. EO doesn’t store any non-PBs
  • The tool assumes every score to be made on the first diff of a song because EO provides no way to know which steps of a given song a score belongs to
  • The judge is unknown. Every score is normalized to J4 on EO, and therefore in the recovered XML too.

And some of the player statistics are not implemented yet, so in Etterna the total play hours, or total arrows smashed, may be wrong.

Everything else works though IIRC. Playlists and score goals are detected too.

If you lost your Etterna.xml somehow or whatever reason you may have, please write me and I will send you your recovered XML! : )

(Here is a sample of what the output looks like)