Another problem-

Ok, now I have a problem with the skins of the notes and it is that, when I take the files to the folder and when I open the game, I cannot choose that skin, is there a step that I have forgotten to do when reading the instructions? ?

if it is still a .zip when you put it in the noteskins folder you did it wrong

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That’s the problem, try with the .zip file and then with the unzipped folder but the skins don’t come out and I gave it F2 when entering the game

Nevermind… how dumb do I have to be not to find the dance folder when it was right in front of my eyes. The problem was not the file or a bug in the game, but me who is blind XD

I still keep uploading the skin, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’ll stopurb and play with the default because it will be something of my computer