Anime Avatars RISE!

We must overthrow the oppresive chad regime to reclaim Veronica and save anime! Who’s with me?

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yea…I guess…who the fuck’s Veronica


Anime is banned actually. Sorry.


kyaa, dont do us in like this, foxfire-chaaaaaaaan~

edit: not even 5 seconds later and already i want to hang myself

we’re getting close to the real 2019 anime experience

i’ll just stay with this scuffed ass logo for now ty

ban all anime

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fuck ANIME​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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this counts

anime avatars are for losers

I like anime

how can you say something so controversial yet so brave

everyone with an anime avatar is confirmed a degenerate


fuck Anime

have to catch them all

My avatar is from an anime and I feel so included

wauw anime

frick an*me

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Middle finger to the sky, dirty nasty suicide
Midget bitch with me holdin’ dirty 9
Cross in line little bitch I never gave a fuck
Ask if I did nothin’, who lit em’ up